Our Enactus program is built around our projects. We are committed to applying our passions, talents, and ideas to impact as many lives as we can. We do not simply hand out help to people in need but work side-by-side with them to create opportunities, ensuring every person and community we touch is empowered to live up to its fullest potential.

Current Projects

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Guatemala Water Project

In the past 10 years, Enactus JBU has implemented water purification systems in 6 communities in Guatemala. At each site, we have established a local clean water provider to sell the water. Many of the smaller communities are marked by extreme poverty with little economic opportunity and most available clean water is extremely expensive. Each provider sells the purified water at a fraction of the price of its competitors. The  Guatemala Water Project seeks to provide clean water, health and hygiene education, and local jobs. As they complete their 7th project in Chiquix, Guatemala they are also starting to begin the process of a water project in Nicaragua. The Nicaragua Water Project seeks to be a hybrid of the GWP, also seeking to provide affordable clean water and create local jobs.  

Carpenter Project is a one-for-one model focused on building houses for at-risk individuals in third world countries. When home builders partner with Carpenter Project, a small portion of the cost of the house goes toward building a house for a refugee family. Carpenter Project aims for sustainability by using predominantly local materials and refugee labor to build homes to provide a place for refugees to flourish.

She is Dignified

The goal of our project is to connect women within the Kyaka II refugee camp in Uganda to reliable labor provided by a Days for Girls that produces menstrual health care items. This partnership will equip the refugee women not only with a sustainable and consistent source of income, but also with practical skills that they can utilize in the future. Additionally, this would benefit the partnering company and foster their growth as they pursue a valuable mission.


Through partnerships and research, Embr has identified an immediate need in Haiti - sanitation. Their hope is to provide tools needed for sanitary living. Through the implementation of an incinerator, laundromat, and water store, Embr will effectively achieve their goal. Embr launched this year and intends on breaking ground in 2021 to begin a sanitation movement in Pignon, Haiti. 

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Global Partnership Project

The Global Partnership Project is the first of its kind international collaboration between Enactus teams across the globe. Partnering with Enactus teams in Brazil, India, Ireland, Morocco, and Australia, John Brown University proudly represents the United States. Through the Global Partnership Project, all partnering universities work together to identify unifying problems in their communities. They collaborate to research and brainstorm entrepreneurial solutions to have a collective impact on a local, and international, scale.


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